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Four years ago one of my employees came to me and said his wife was having twins. He needed help getting some paid time off, and we weren’t sure to what to do. Luckily, I had a friend who knew about New Jersey’s Family Leave Insurance Program. The paperwork was pretty straightforward. We filled it out together and sent it in, and he got two thirds of his wages replaced while bonding with his twins. He is a very important part of my business, and this was very important to his life. So we made adjustments, he got some paid time with his family, and he’s still with us.  

I also remember life before our paid leave program, and I know that’s still the reality for most small businesses and workers around the country.  In 2006, before there was any such program, I had an employee who had to leave his job because of family needs. I only found out after the fact that his mother was dying of cancer, around the Christmas season. He could have really used the New Jersey Family Leave Insurance then. This was awful for him.  It was a tough loss for me personally since along with losing an employee, I also lost a longtime friend.  It was also detrimental to my business.  He had been my best employee for several years and performed many critical management functions.  The costs of the time and money it took to replace him were astronomical. I had to take time away from my responsibilities as the owner to fill the gap in the interim.

The difference the state Family Leave Insurance Law has made for my employees and my business is clear.

Watch Tony testify to the importance of Paid Leave.