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Christie and Devin Bateman

My husband and I started our dental practice with the idea that by treating our staff with the respect they deserve and giving them the autonomy they need, we’d create a strong business. 

Shortly after taking over the business I researched options for providing paid leave through private insurance. The plans are more costly than they would be under a universal policy, and the benefits are lower. But it’s what’s available on the market. 

Ensuring a healthy and supportive workplace is fundamental to running my business. I’ve seen how the failure to do so can negatively impact people and businesses. But leaving businesses like mine to put these policies together on our own, piecemeal, is costly and unproductive. Ultimately, it’s led to the paid leave crisis our country faces right now. We need a collective solution, one that accounts for small businesses and our employees. Until then, people across Ohio and the country will be forced to choose between their jobs and the care they and their families need.