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Paid Leave for All’s Equality Day Campaign

Paid Leave for All Women’s Equality Day Campaign

Over the last two years, we’ve made more progress on paid family and medical leave in this country than the decades prior. We passed the first national paid leave law of any kind—though temporary—in 2020, and we passed paid family and medical leave in the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in history in 2021. We are so close to securing the votes in the Senate and making this a political reality for all working people.

Business leaders are a growing part of this movement, many having already taken meaningful action to provide paid leave for their employees. But we know that having paid leave for all working people benefits all of us—especially with the impact the pandemic has had on women’s employment, caregiving demands, and our health, the lack of paid leave is a challenge to businesses and entrepreneurial women across the country. This Women’s Equality Day, Paid Leave for All has created an Instagram campaign that brings together the voices of women business founders for the first time, to share why we need paid leave to take care of our families and our businesses.

  1. Hiltha Palepu, Author of We’re Speaking, Curator of #5SmartReads and CEO of Rhoshan Pharmaceuticals
  2. Chamber of Mothers, Alexis Barad-Cutler, Lauren Brody, Erin Erenberg, Molly Walsh, Raena Joy Boston, Kimberly Didriksen
  3. Nadya Okamoto, Co-founder of It’s August
  4. Claire Wasserman, Founder of Ladies Get Paid
  5. Carly Zakin, Co-founder of theskimm
  6. Tammy Tibbetts, Co-founder of She’s the First
  7. Kate Westervelt, Founder of mombox
  8. Julia Edelstein, Brand Consultant 
  9. Nitika Chopra, Founder of Chronicon
  10. Sarah Hardy, Co-founder of Bobbie
  11. Alex Taylor and Tori Gioia, Cofounder of Perelel 
  12. Olivia Howell, Co-founder of Fresh Starts Registry
  13. Nathalie Molina Niño, Co-founder of Known Holdings 
  14. Monica Banks, Founder of Gugu Guru
  15. Sali Christeson, Founder of Argent
  16. Katerina Schneider, Founder of Ritual
  17. Allison Messner, Co-founder of Yardzen
  18. Amy Nelson, Founder of The Riveter
  19. Clare Vivier, Founder of Clare V.
  20. Puno, Founder of I Love Creatives
  21. Jamie Kolnick, Founder of Jam with Jamie
  22. Elina Furman, Founder of khalmi
  23. Ann Shoket, Founder of New Power Media
  24. Carolyn Witte, Co-founder of Tia 
  25. Halle Tecco, Founder of Natalist
  26. Rebecca Lee Funk, Founder of The Outrage
  27. Katya Libin, Co-founder of heymama
  28. Piera Gelardi, Co-founder of Refinery29
  29. Joanna Ho, NYT Best Selling Author of Eyes That Kiss the Corners
  30. Jaycina Almond, Founder of Tender Foundation
  31. Courtney Caldwell, Co-founder of ShearShare
  32. Bridget Todd, Founder of Unbossed Creative
  33. Ariane Goldman, Founder of HATCH Collection
  34. Jessica Kremen, Founder of Worthy Threads